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Zero Degree’s Bubblegum Ice Cream Cupcake. I think I became a unicorn after eating this.🍦🍧😍 Wishing you guys a sweet week ahead! (at Zero Degree Manila Ice Bar)

Zero Degree’s Bubblegum Ice Cream Cupcake. I think I became a unicorn after eating this.🍦🍧😍 Wishing you guys a sweet week ahead! (at Zero Degree Manila Ice Bar)

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Decision Making

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“Good decisions come from experience but experience comes from bad decisions.”

There is no specific way on how I decide. Funny how that statement is very indecisive. There are those moments where I already know in my heart the answer while there are times when it takes forever for me to make a judgment call. In general, let me point out with downright confidence that I have the worst decision-making skills in the world. For example, the correct answer to a multiple choice question is either a B or a C but then I answered D. That always happens! Just kidding, but seriously I am always what you call, ‘torn’. Be the decision a grave one like applying for a certain school or as shallow as choosing a nail polish color. I could probably pass up for a patient with a lesion in his prefrontal cortex. Well not really, but you get the idea. Whenever there is something to decide upon it always takes me a long time before I make a decision. The moments I mentioned earlier where I already know in my heart the answer, they rarely happen and so I follow an algorithm for when I have something to decide upon.

For simple matters like choosing what to wear, I consider a lot of things before actually finalizing what I will be wearing that day. Factors like the practicality of wearing such with regards to the weather, the mode of transportation that I will be employing, the activities of that day, and of course, aesthetics. It will usually take me three outfit changes and a jungle-kind-of-room before I decide. That is one of the things I take into consideration when deciding, practicality.

Now for a deeper example, let us say I am choosing my career path. In this case, if I will be pursuing medicine or not. I believe that I was born to pursue the arts, but I was raised honing the left hemisphere of my brain due to my competency in numbers and the sciences. My true passions are writing, painting, the languages, and geography but I am equally capable of being a scientific person as shown from my academic performance. With this in mind, my parents made me see how pursuing the medical field is more practical in the long run than the easy fulfillment my heart will receive if I stick to the arts. People say that young girls are small replicas of their mothers and this I can attest to as I am greatly influenced by my mother. Her words are always in my mind and my actions are always a reflection of my upbringing. Pursuing medicine takes on an arduous journey but many have attested that its fruit in the long run will be worth it.

I guess I will always be that kind-of-person, the one who chooses to delay her satisfaction for when it is accumulated it is bigger and more satisfying. You can say that I am pretty futuristic. Well, I was raised to be like one. Basically, when I decide I think of the consequences not only during the present time but also in the long run. I am also a very ‘money-oriented’ person where every decision is weighed by the capital and outcome, not necessarily monetary-wise. Aside from all these, I think of my happiness. I guess that is what is important, that your decision will make you happy. Well not necessarily at the moment but it can take some time. Many people regret decisions that they made and that is one thing I do not want to experience, to regret. I will be a hypocrite if I say I don’t have any regrets but of course I am trying my very best to stop committing the same mistakes. There are chances that I might have passed upon because of a wrong decision but what can I do? I just have to accept the fact and move on.

Arriving at a decision is no easy chore. Perhaps for some people it is not complicated, but for most of us I believe it takes a lot of effort to do. There are just some points that I have to personally remember. First is to employ the mind and not the heart. One must never make a permanent decision on a temporary emotion. Another is to ask every time if it is truly worth it? Not just at the moment but up until the end. Also, remember that there is such a thing as intuition and it is real. Sometimes if we could not possibly make up our minds, it is best to lean towards our gut feel.

After all is said and done, know that the universe has no fixed agenda. Once you make any decision, it works around that decision. There is no right or wrong, only a series of possibilities that shift with each thought, feeling, and action that you experience. And if ever the decision you made is somehow not the right one, spend your time not dwelling on how you made the wrong choice but instead correct it. 

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Q&A: My Best Attempt to Keep Up

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1. Hi! I’m Claudine, Thank you for the tips about NMAT, it’s awesome that someone like you shared your experience and also tips. I’m scared because I don’t know anything (about med life or med schools). I don’t have friends to asked so I’m asking you, Can I?? Thank you!! :) First, Med schools have entrance exams and also interview, is it difficult?? coz I’m not good in it and what questions they’d asked??. Second, is it really necessary that you are intelligent to enter med school?? Thank you!! :)

Hmm, some schools have interviews (SLCM, UP, ASMPH, etc…), some have entrance exams (UST), while in PLM they have both. For the entrance exams, they are just personality or general information tests. They try to see if you can cope up with the stress in med school if ever they let you in. You actually don’t have to prepare for these exams. Meanwhile, for the interview… you have to really suit up and practice (although not too rehearsed!). I’ll try to make a separate entry for on how I prepared for my interviews and include some tips! And for your last question, yes you have to be intelligent to easily pick up the topics BUT you have to be really patient and persevering and you have to have a go-getter attitude! Plus, time management is key! Thanks for your questions! :D

2. Hi ate Carla! thank you for your updates about your endeavors in med. :) i am in my 2nd yr in biology. i just want to know from you whether biology is a good or suitable pre-med course or not. i mean i really am not satisfied with my pre-med,perhaps it’s a “school factor.” yes maganda naman dw po ang bio pero i think sa pagturo sa school ko, I am not satisfied. gusto ko tlga maging doctor pero ndidiscourge ako. im not learning sufficiently given that im already in 2nd yr. it really bothers me. i think im growing… do you think it is a sign for me to transfer to another school? ang concern kasi ng ibang tao sakin is sayang dw ng time,plus,pre med PA LAAAANG naman daw. bawi nalang dw sa med. but sa tingin ko dpat premed pa lang, okay na okay na.. tama po ba? Thank you so much ate carla! more power! good luck sa acads!:) [Jen M., aspiring-dr-na-currently-nafufrustrate-and-hopeless]:(

Hey there! Reading your question, I would honestly recommend that you transfer to another school to another course if you are really determined to pursue medicine. Medicine will be a lot better and easier if you are a Physical Therapy or a Nursing graduate, this is from what I am currently feeling. They really have the advantage. Anyway, if time is your problem, in med hindi siya big deal. I have classmates na 25 or 27 years old na with children. Just be prepared kapag naging nursing student ka na because it is extra tedious and info overload talaga yun. Basta whatever you decide upon make sure to get your family’s input muna kasi yun ang pinaka-importante. 2nd year is okay for shifting naman since mac-credit naman sana yung mga general electives mo. Ayun, if you have more questions, ask ka lang although I am not too sure if I could answer soon!

3. Random thought lang :) what kind of school supplies do you have in your bag besides sa heavy books ng medical students :3

I DON’T BRING BOOKS TO SCHOOL! Although my classmates do, pero kasi as you said they are heavy and I have dextrolumbar scoliosis so medyo deterrent siya sa health ko. What I do is store my books in my iPad for convenience. Aside from my tab, we have transes (transcriptions) as lecture guides! I have a sturdy folder where I keep them and I also use the folder when I write my notes! :))) Of course I have pens (G-tech 0.3 ako forever kasi neat yung notes), highlighters (amazing ng Stabilo cos 3 months na sya sa akin and may ink pa din! Mine ay orange and yellow!), and pencils for scantron sheets sa exam. I don’t have a notebook since I write all my notes in the transes and yellow (but mine is white) pad! That’s about it!

4. Any tips on studying the subject areas in NMAT? I mean, how do you study those subject areas? By just one sitting or not? Thank you!

Of course I prepared well for the NMAT and did not study in one sitting! I mean who does that? It took me 4 months to be prepared and it paid off! Never cram for anything dear. Especially the NMAT. For tips and all NMAT-related stuff, check this link: NMAT BLOG ENTRYThank youuu! :)

5. Hi Ate! Can I ask po which is an easier elective to get a higher grade in, Eco Bot or Biogeo? I need to get good grades this semester kasi para kahit papaano matino naman ang grades ko for med school :))

Hmm, if your grades aren’t that bad I suggest you still take the tough ones because they will be really helpful in med - histo, para, immuno. Wag mo ako gagayahin na legit bio ang electives ko - biogeography, bioevolution, economic botany, and hepatics. :)))) Major regret ko siya ngayon sa med eh and since hindi ka naman naghahabol ng latin honors (?) yung grades mo ng last year don’t really change your GWA much. Kahit uno pa yan lahat mga point something lang changes niyan. But then ikaw try mo din kasiiii fun talaga yung solid bio electives eh! Chill lang :D though nahirapan ako sa biogeography (mam devs yun eh) hahaha sino itooooo?

6. Hello Ate Carla! :) kamusta po yung mga bio electives? What did you take besides ferns and eco bot? Can you describe all electives (oops masyado bang marami?? HAHA) based on fun-level, stress-level, profs maybe? Haha my friends and I are discussing potential electives kasi. Also saang med schools po napunta ang batch niyo? I know maraming PLM, UPCM, tapos may SLCM (dream school btw #scholarship) FEU? And what can you say about these med schools? Dami kong tanong sorry sa hassle! Have a good day!

Of course pinakamasayang elective ay Ferns and Hepatics dahil sa Mt. Pulag field trip! Mahirap yung lectures kasi fernsssss pero masaya pa rin kasi Nay Rubs yung prof! Econ Bot next fave ko kasi Dr. Manila is heart heart. Although ako lang yata nag-enjoy (?) haha Bioevolution ay maganda because super debate kami nun and Mam Rags made me realize a lot of things about my existence. Biogeography though hehe, I just slept through the lectures (which I never do ever in my undergrad) ewan siguro dahil sa time slot lang din yun + the topics hindi ko trip eh. 

Med schools ng batch? Ayun mga 15 yata kami sa PLM, 2 sa FEU, 11 yata sa UP w/ 3 in the MDPhD program, 3 sa UST, 3 sa UE, 1 sa ASMPH, 6 sa SLCM. Sa SLCM kailangan upon application latin honors para matanggap. Kung hahabol ka pa, wag ka na umasa kasi they don’t give partial scholarships sa sobrang daming naga-apply! :)) Sinooo itoooo? Hahahaaha

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