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Alam mong shiftings week na, kapag ang tweets ng mga tao ay ganito:


Nag-uusap kami ni brother Sean before about studying out on coffee shops kasi parang hindi naman effective dahil maingay, maraming tao = maraming distractions. But then as we became med students, dun lang namin fully na-realize how studying out can be so conducive for learning. But while ako ay naging sobrang loyal sa Starbs (even undergrad, I go to our neighbor branch back in Las Pinas) siya naman ay naging hipster at naging loyalista ng CBTL. Haha. 


Weird lang na magb-blog ako about this but if you’re a student, I think you should go on because I will be talking about the tricks and trade of ‘studying out’ in coffee shops, specifically the Starbs Way. How many times have you been annoyed whenever you go to Starbs and find that there’s no more available seat because students (mostly med, law, or accounting) have hoarded them for the whole day? Uh-huh. Countless. Well, it depends on the branch actually. There are just branches that are very conducive for learning and this blog entry is dedicated to my favorite branch, the Pedro-Gil corner Roxas Blvd.


Una sa lahat let me say thank you to the staff of the JP Laurel Building/Pedro Gil - Roxas Blvd. branch especially to my favorite baristas (JP, Rem, and KC) na sobrang babait (although feeling ko ay na-judge na ang buong pagkatao ko dahil ginagawa kong bahay yung Starbs) at hinahayaan lang kami mag-aral kahit alam ko at alam nang lahat na sobrang hassle namin at kami ay nagpapalugi sa Starbs. Sa mga Kuya Guards na mababait at binubuhat pa ang lamp for me huhu salamat po. Salamat na tuwing magr-request ako ng table and seat binibigyan mo ako, kapag sasabihin kong pabantay muna ng gamit binabantayan mo, kapag gusto ko ng seat sa labas at nasa loob ako tatawagin mo ako huhu salamat kuya. Kay Kuya na naglilinis tuwing gabi, hindi mo man ito mabasa pero gusto kong sabihin na sobrang sipag mo, sobra. Sa lahat ng mga non-students na nagpupunta dun sobrang pasensya rin po dahil ang hoarders po namin when it comes to seats, tables, and lamps.


Okay, when you read this, DO NOT JUDGE ME. Alam kong super secret lang dapat ang mga ito but because I love you guys and I know most of you are students ON A TIGHT BUDGET (well, ganun kasi ako), I am sharing you all these. Aside from this, studies dapat ang priority that’s why let’s make this whole ‘study out’ experience the most conducive for learning.

1. Set your schedule.

Whenever I study out, I always compute if worth it ba yung bibilihin ko sa oras na is-stay ko. Usually students come here after class. Yung iba nga naka-uniform/scrubs pa e. Mostly med students study here: UST (yes, dumadayo pa sila), UP, and PLM. Minsan nga nagiging mini-reunion ng UPM Bio ang Starbs e. Cool lang din. Anyway, sabihin nating 5 dadating, then students will leave sa closing which is 12mn. Kapag ganitong time, usually wala nang good seats available so if possible try going around 3 or 4. If morning person ka naman and kapag walang classes, I come here at 8 or 9 then leave ng mga 6pm. Intense ‘di ba? Hahaha but that’s life. Basta dapat minimum of 5 hours para worth it. Since medyo maaga nga nagsasara ang Starbs branch na ito, students would transfer to McDo since 24 hours. Walking distance lang yung McDo Adriatico so hanggang usually 3am nandun ang mga students to study. Intense di ba? I’ve done that only once. But I have transferred sa CBTL before to study pa haha.

2. Know your study nook.

Kanya-kanya talaga ang mga tao. I find it difficult to study in high chairs pero si Ate Juris dun nya prefer. Yung iba sa couch pero nakakatulog ako so NO. Yung iba like Enrico, gusto sa may entrance door facing the crowd. I can never understand why pero yun yung conducive sa kanya. As for me, gusto ko sa gilid — with soft couch pero not-so-soft, malamig, isolated, and medyo dark. Basta gusto ko yung feel na sa akin lang yung space ganun. And kung saan walang barista masyado. Makalat din kasi ako and I have a lot of things with me whenever I study out. But recently, I discovered the joys of studying in the huge table. So medyo usual na rin ako dun at least it is not too cold. Trip ko din sa may CR banda para malapit lang. That’s why dapat maaga ka para makuuha mo yung trip mong nook.


3. Bring a jacket with hood and pockets.

Pati na rin cardigan at scarf. Oo, ngayong med school ko na-discover ang wonders ng scarves. Amazing sila kaya kung babae ka at meron ka nito, utilize it! Aside from being light-weight, effective magpainit ang scarves. Ayun, with hood and pockets dapat since kapag mga 6 na, nako malamig na sa Starbs. Funny how everyone there is sporting varsity jackets from different schools. One time I went the extra mile and wore a knitted cardigan because jackets just won’t do anymore. Masyadong malamig. Well, dapat naman talaga cool ang place kung saan ka nag-aaral since your brain is heating up when you study.

4. To save, bring your own tumbler.

Aside from helping mother earth, tipid ka rin ng 5 pesos! Imagine yung matitipid mo if Starbs regular ka talaga. Haaay, nasa wishlist ko tuloy ang isang Starbs tumbler kasi I’m only using my Krispy Kreme ceramic tumbler. Any tumbler will do! Perks aside from tipid sabi ni Abby ay pupunuin talaga nila with the excess so mas madami yung nakukuha mo. Tapos they cannot see if you are finished with your drink already. O, see! ;)

5. Know what to order.

This can be very tricky depending on your taste. Basta if you intend to study, do not drink sweetened coffees. Nako, tulog ka after three hours niyan. Well I will just share mine. Funny nga lang how one time the barista asked me if espresso is my favorite. Gusto kong tumawa kasi hello, Apple Berry Fizz with white mocha and whipped cream ang favorite leisure drink ko. BUT IF STUDY DRINK, ayun nga espresso na either brewed lang or pressed. I had a bad experience with pressed so recently, I toned it down to brewed lang plus it is cheaper! Okay so let us say nag-pressed coffee ako na four-cup (Php 150; 8-cup is Php 250 which can be for sharing) gising ako for 27 hours if hindi ako iinom ng tea (Php 100 Grande) after. Ugh tea. Starbs’ teas are so good and relaxing! Try Hibiscus, Chamomile, and Mint. Don’t forget to add honey though. Yun, you can just extend by adding steamed whole milk and you’re good for 10 hours studying in Starbs, lalamig nga lang. If brewed grande (Php 110) pwede siya 5 hours then ask for a refill (Php 65 lang same size) then it can last you for another 5 hours. O diba, ang laking tipid unlike if frap lang nang frap. Enrico’s staple study drink is Cafe Americano (Php 125) which is stronger than brewed. Anyway, those are some options you can choose from. 

6. Order pastries and other goods.

If you have extra money, jusko order pastries naman para hindi kapalan ng mukha. Haha. Anyway if still on budget, you can order Sticky Cinnamon (Php 70) or Cinnamon Danish (Php 65) which is my favorite. You must also try the Longganisa and egg bun (Php 65) huhu tears. Ang sarap lang, cheap pa. Pass on the Ham and cheese croissant (Php 85). Hindi sulit. Reserve the cheesecakes, banoffee pie, and waffles for leisure time. Aantukin ka niyan sige ka. Then, the Fruit and Vegetable Cups (Php 95) are also heaven. Those are healthier options. You can also come around 11 or 2 to taste free samples of their new products haha I’ll promote na rin the French Vanilla and the Dark Caramel Latte, sarap e.

7. Avail of the Starbucks Card


Aaaaah, the reason why I stood by Starbs! The cards! You load this with a minimum of Php 300 then consumable siya to purchase anything. Plus you can check your balance and transactions online! Okay so every time you buy a drink, you get one star. When you collect 12 stars, you get a free grande + two shots of anything. If it’s your birthday you get a slice of cake within 60 days. For more info, check this site. Then, I can feel na this time makakakuha na ako ng planner! :) Ahhhh, sabi ni Abby there’s a Gold Starbs Card daw if you get 30 stars. Hmmm, feeling ko Platinum ako if evs hahaha

8. Don’t hesitate to ask for water.

Yup, another friend of mine, Carizza is the epitome of water-hoarding. Haha. Sa isang gabi naka-5 refills ata siya. You can ask for it warm, cold, or hot. Di ba sobrang bait nila huhu.

9. The Rest Room is your best friend.

Yes, it is communal but it is well-maintained. I just don’t get why it is so spacious but well, at least it is handicap-friendly. You can also wash your face if you’re getting sleepy! ;)

10. Bring baon.

Nakakahiya, well… at least tipid and do it stealthily naman. Haha wag harapan. A lot of students do this actually or they leave during dinner time and eat somewhere else. They just leave their books on the tables and come back. Some buy food like hotdog sandwiches from the nearby 7-11 haha. If you stay dun sa nook ko, the staff won’t see you so keribels lang. I always bring a sandwich and skyflakes.

11. Hoard the lamps.

Come nighttime, the place can get too dark. This is my main concern with this branch though. Medyo nakakalabo ng mata pero if you get to get hold of the MAGIC LAMP, hahaha okay na ang buhay mo. It is just so nice for them to provide lamps. Gusto ko tuloy magdonate ng bulbs huhu. Pero recently, nagkaka-shortage with lamps kaya others bring their own hahaha. Tapos they are way too generous with electricity. Hoarder din ako ng sockets. And I know secret socket places na so I know where to stay. ;)

Hmmm, basically that’s it. Ayun I do hope you get to apply the next time you go for a study out! Nami-miss ko na talaga yung place and the people. Sa 2 weeks-long na doon ako nagstay for the shiftings. Usually naman kapag may long quiz to study for lang ako andun. Anyway, thank you ulit sa staff nila. If you have questions, suggestions, comments, violent reactions, etc… just comment or click on the ask anything button.


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Q & A: Because it’s sembreak!

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1. Hi ate carla :) di na po pwede magapply ng med school kapag may failing grade even though na-take na po yung subject na fail?

Hello! Nope, sa PLM-CM lang yung bawal na mag-apply if may failing mark. Sa UPCM and other schools pwede pa rin. :)

2. From: Hi Ate Carla! malaking tulong din po ba kapag government employee ang parents mo for having a slot in PLM-CM? Thank you po. :D

Yup! But it will be better if you comply with the requirements also (high NMAT, good grades, high MCAT score, fairly good interview). It wouldn’t seem nice if you just got in just because of your parents because if you happen to get in without being a ‘legit/real’ passer, then you would be having difficulty with med as a whole. It is really competitive. Thanks for the question! :)

3. Hi Ate Carla! Ask ko lang po if malaki po yung chance na matanggap ako sa SLCM for scholarship kung running for laude po ako (graduating po ako this coming april). Pasok naman po yung NMAT score ko sa quota nila. Sobrang gusto ko po sa SLCM as in grabe, sa pre-med naman po hindi ako nagkaroon ng kumbaga dream school na papasukan ko. Salamat po Ate Carla. :)

Yup! Good news is, upon application your grade must be laude to avail of the scholarship. But you must prepare 20k for confirmation of slots! All laude grads that apply are considered it is just a matter of the availability of cash on hand. Good luck to you dear! :)

4. Hi! I was looking for NMAT tips online when I stumbled upon your blog. I’m about to take the Nov NMAT and I’m not sure if I should enroll to a review center. I’m a Busi. Ad grad btw and I’ve been reviewing by myself for a month now. But I’m not sure if it’s already enough. I’m doing fine naman with self-study (already finished with Part I&Bio) and I also have other review materials but I’m still paranoid :( Target ko kasi UPCM/ UERM/ UST so I want a 90+ sana. Should I enroll? Tnx in advance!!

Heyyyy, sorry if my reply is too late :( I hope you do get to read this! Hmmm, if it can give you that boost of confidence without breaking the bank, then sure why not enrol in one? Plus your target schools do consider NMAT scores highly. Also, not to scare you, but the November batch is more competitive so I suggest you really study well. But if money is an issue, I think you can handle studying by your self. ;) I didn’t enroll but instead just studied by myself and I fared really well surprisingly. I suggest you attend a mock test c/o UP PMHS or UP HSPM. 

5. Hi Carla! First of all, thank you for your NMAT tips and for answering the questions of your readers. You, and several other generous bloggers out there, have really helped me get motivated and inspired to take the NMAT and pursue medicine. I have a question though, based on your observations so far as a 1st year med student, how do BS Psych graduates fare?

I asked my psych grad friend, Jessica Mariano (from UST) and she said that she is having difficulty with the subjects as they are very new to her like anatomy and biochemistry. But, another classmate of mine, Zyrah Samar from PLM Psych seems to be getting along with the subjects. Both have good grades but I think it is because they really strive to study! Thanks for your question and good luck!

6. Hi po! 4th year hs po ako ngayon at nilagay ko po yung Behavioral Sciences sa UPCAT. If ever po na pumasa at grumaduate ako, tatanggapin po ba yun sa PLM-CM? Kasi po nabasa ko po na may units na required sa PLM-CM. Matagal pa naman po ito hehehe pero para lang po may idea ako. Thank you po :D Good luck po sa med school ate!

Hello fellow mascian! Sana you still get to read this reply. Sorry if matagal rin bago ako makasagot medyo busy sa med eh. Ibang level mga masci times 3. For your question, yes any course na undergrad ay pwede sa med just so you comply with the units. Behavioral Sciences kasi doesn’t have some of the required courses na kailangan sa PLM-CM. I think you have to get Physics and Comparative Anatomy. Thank you dear and good luck sa senior year (enjoy! enjoy! enjoy!) pati sa UP (pasado na yan for sure!) life mo! If ever you get to see me, say hello ha! :D

7. hi ate Carla! kapwa Iska here :) Sa PLM ka po? :) pwede pong malaman kung ano yung NMAT cut-off for PLM? at kung posible bang makapasok sa PLM if may failed na subjects during undergrad? may nakapagsabi ko kasi na bagong requirement ngayon yung no failed subjects.. thank you po! :)

PLM yata is 45 lang. Fairly low compared to UP and SLCM but siyempre it would be much better if you score higher as they really consider your NMAT score. Yup, NO FAILING GRADES. I know of some people who didn’t make it because of failing marks. :( Thanks for asking! :D

8. HI! Is it true that when you take NMAT the second time around, they get the average of the first NMAT and the second?

Nope, they do average your scores if it’s your third try already. :)

9. Hi just want to ask what med school are u enrolled in na?

Hello! Pamantsan ng Lungsod ng Maynila - College of Medicine :)

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Dear Crush,

Alam kong one day I’ll regret I ever made this post. But, for now, I’m allowing myself to write about my feelings to make this whole un-crushing thing truer. ‘Di ba ganun naman yun. Kapag sinasabi out loud mas nagiging totoo. Kaya kung mahal mo ang isang tao at hindi mo sinasabi sa kanya, parang balewala lang din yun. Kaya nga naisip kong umamin na. Nako, I was never trained for that kind of thing. I have never admitted point blankly to someone that I like him. That was my first time and your reply was a mere, ‘ako? haha’. So I was ‘haha-zoned’. Well, I never expected any response from you. Awkward nga naman pero after I have mustered enough courage ang masakit na part lang is yung malalaman kong taken ka na pala. Sabi mo dati hindi. Sabi mo wala. Walang nag-aantay sa iyo. Alam kong posibleng meron kasi yun yung nararamdaman ko pero sinabi mo wala. So naniwala ako at ayun, kinilig ako nang bahagya sa kahit maliit na bagay na ginagawa mo.Kapag magkasama tayo. Kapag tinuturuan mo ako. Naging theme song ko pa nga sa isip ko yung, ‘Lost In Your Eyes’ kasi iba ka tumitig, ang cheesy pls pero ito talaga yung song e (hay, sherrie kung mabasa mo man ito wag kang maingay at wag mo akong tutuksuhin, marami akong alas sa iyo).

Naniwala ako sa kantang yan. May pa-“I don’t mind where I’m headed for” pa ako nun. Ganun naman ‘di ba pag may crush. Para sa iyo lahat ng jokes niya funny. Lahat ng lines niya witty. But I was different. I kept on looking for your faults kasi medyo in denial pa ako nun. Medyo may kakaiba akong feeling. May nagsasabing huwag na akong ma-fall deeper for some reason and yun pala yun. Kasi nga may nag-aantay pala sa iyo. But then, I’ve come to finally admit that alas, I really did have some feelings. Sabi nga:

And this time ayaw ko nang itulad sa last crush ko yung nangyari. Dyahe, hanggang ngayon crush pa din. Hindi na talaga ako nagbago. Magkaka-crush. Itatago. Lilipas. Makakalimutan. Pag nakita babalik. Paulit-ulit na lang. Kaya ngayon nilakasan ko yung loob ko. Umamin ako. Pero ganun rin pala, nadagdagan lang. Magkaka-crush. Itatago. Aaminin. Walang nagbago. Lilipas. Makakalimutan. Sana nga ganyan na lang. Sana hindi tayo awkward. We were good friends to begin with naman e. At siguro after some time I’ll get to live with that.

Friend. Yan na ang itatawag ko sa iyo. Sinimulan ko na nga noong isang gabi e. Friend. Haha.

How did that ‘haha’ sound? I’ll never know cos I wasn’t looking at you when I said that I had a crush on you. Ayun. So much for this. I’m moving on. I will. no worries. Magaling ako dun. Sa pag-move on.

Ang Iyong Kaibigan,


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